Dog and cat together on the lake shore
Credit: Getty Images

In a world of great political divide, there is still perhaps no issue more contentious than dog person vs. cat person — and it’s likely to stay that way.

According to a survey from Mars Petcare, dog people and cat people differ not only in their preferred pet, but their tastes in pretty much every aspect of life.

While cat people consider themselves more creative, dog people earn (on average) about $7,000 more per year. However the survey related this divide back to the jobs each pet owner is likely to take on. Dog owners are twice as likely to work in finance while cat parents are four times more likely to work in a creative field.

Perhaps true to stereotype, cat people are more likely to enjoy low-key activities. While dog owners like heading out of the house to do yoga, go dancing, or travel, cat owners prefer to stay close to home, reading, writing, or gardening.

But even when both pet owners are at home, their tastes differ: Cat people prefer watching documentaries, musicals, or indie films while a dog lover is more likely to watch a romantic comedy, horror, or action flick.

However, more than 20 percent of dog and cat owners agreed that they take their pet on vacation with them. If trends hold true, dog owners will want to partake in a vacation that’s more active while a cat owner may prefer exploring cultural activities in a new town. Regardless of the animal, pet owners should be sure they know how to travel with their companions before embarking on a new adventure.