Wags to Riches Shelter UK Dog Nativity scene Christmas Holiday

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the world is a better place because of dogs.

Those sweet, furry, sometimes smelly and slobbery creatures can truly bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially during the holidays. And even more so when they are reenacting the nativity scene at doggie daycare.

And that’s exactly what the fine pups at Wags to Riches Pet Services in England did earlier this month.

In the photo a lab, a couple of goldendoodles, a terrier, a poodle, and a mutt play their parts as Mary, Joseph, the shepherds (which oddly enough, weren’t played by shepherds), and wise men. And if you look closely you can see the teeniest of tiny puppies playing baby Jesus.

Jo Kingston, who runs the dog service out of her own home, told BBC she was shocked at how quickly the image went viral.

"I woke up and somebody tagged me in this photo saying, 'Jo, you've gone viral,’” she said. "I've had so many people messaging me." And really, that’s no surprise as one of the tweets featuring the image has been shared more than 29,000 times, according to BBC.

Truly, people on social media couldn’t get enough, with some users commenting at how much they loved the image, while others were in awe of Kingston’s ability to get the dogs to stay still for the photo.

As for how long it took her to perfectly position the adorable pooches, Kingston said it really was a piece of cake. "As long as you've got food and you've got the right dogs,” she said. She further explained that she wasn’t the first to come up with the cute concept, saying, "I'd seen it on the internet before, I'm not the first to do it."

And, as she astutely noted of the internet-using public, "People love seeing the dogs - especially with towels on their heads."