Rusty, an Australian terrier with incredible ingenuity and strength of spirit, made his way across 932 miles of Australia when his family went on vacation without him.

The little dog, who belongs to the Scudamore family (Linda, Stuart, and their kids, Eliza and Sam) in Goondiwindi, Queensland, managed to become a stowaway on a truck that was apparently headed for Snowtown in South Australia.

At the time, the Scudamores were vacationing in Caloundra, in Queensland — so if little Rusty was looking for his family, he was off by about 1,200 miles.

Not exactly the same as "Homeward Bound," but it’s clear Rusty was missing his family. Or he was just playing hooky.

Luckily, the driver of the truck found Rusty and took him back home, thanks to his tag that had the number of the Scudamores' in-laws on it.

"Last time we went away he hitched a ride to Chinchilla. He’s really upped the ante this time making it all the way to South Australia," Linda Scudamore told Australian News.

“I get sent photos everyday of him being pampered ... he just loves being in the middle of all of the attention so this is just suiting him down to the ground,” she added.

The Scudamores mentioned that next vacation, they’ll probably take Rusty along. Which was probably what he was hoping for this entire time. Being a dog is rough and he could use some time off.

“The kids miss him and we’re expecting twins soon so are keen to have him home before the next amount of chaos happens,” Linda said.