A snow day doesn’t stop dogs from playing their favorite game. But that doesn’t mean humans can’t have a little fun, too.

This Shiba Inu doesn’t seem to mind that its human is tricking it by throwing snowballs instead of tennis balls in the middle of a mild snowstorm. Every time its human tosses a perfectly formed snowball, it’s more than happy to chase after it.

We would think this is a very mean thing to do to your dog — if this pup wasn’t having more fun than anyone has ever experienced in a lifetime.

Despite the disappearing snowball, this little Shiba is always ready for more.

People on Twitter also can’t seem to get enough of this dog’s positive attitude. Some people’s reactions to the video span from hearts melting to feeling like they should adopt this dog’s feel-good philosophy on life.

It doesn’t matter if you catch the ball. It matters that it was thrown. Good boy.