By Andrea Romano
April 10, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Google Maps

A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. And sometimes a dog has to chase any weird-looking cars it sees.

And a Google Street View car probably looks pretty weird to a dog. After all, it’s got that strange looking camera sticking out on the top of it. Who knows what danger it could bring.

That’s probably why this adorable dog can be seen on Google Street View on a road in the Kumage district of the Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan, clearly being the “goodest of boys (or girls).”

Credit: Courtesy of Google Maps

According to Metro, the dog can be seen down by a docked boat, looking very excited to see the unique car. Ears perked and tail raised, it looks ready for the chase. Who knows, it might be protecting its owner’s precious boat.

More images in Google Street View show the car passing the dock as the dog starts to follow it down the road. The photos of the dog stop a little farther down the road, as it seems the dog has done its job to get that pesky Street View car out of its territory.

That’s a very good dog.

Even though the pup didn’t quite catch its prey, it's still the cutest little guard we’ve ever seen.