By Andrea Romano
December 21, 2018
©Walt Disney Co. via Everett Collection

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

And when life gives you diverted flights, you make wild, inventive rom-com film treatments.

Writer Ben Machell, who was on a flight from New York to London Gatwick Airport, unfortunately found himself on a flight that was suddenly diverted to Doncaster in Yorkshire, England.

London Gatwick Airport was temporarily closed for about 36 hours due to drones interfering with airport activity on Wednesday night, Fox News reported. According to the BBC, about 140 flights scheduled for departure and arrival were canceled during the chaos.

And one of those flights was the one Machell was on. But instead of getting grumpy, Machell decided to lean into the spirit of the holiday season by making the most of an irritating situation by coming up with an amazing rom-com scenario on Twitter.

Machell’s fake romantic comedy movie, starring Sandra Bullock and Sean Bean, naturally, starts as “dagger-heeled Manhattan executive (Sandra Bullock) gradually falls in love with East Coast Mainline signalman (Sean Bean).”

“Jim Broadbent in the mix,” Ben Machell added. This is a Christmas-themed rom-com after all, à la “Bridget Jones’ Diary.”

Some tried to convince Machell to cast Hugh Grant or Tom Hiddleston, to which he was clearly offended.

Other users on Twitter were perfectly ecstatic to join in on filling out the details of the movie, including a tagline, possible titles and a cameo from former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson.

Sorry, no one mentioned Harry Styles, even though he already has the acting chops after starring in “Dunkirk.”

Even the local government got into the conversation, which was really pushing for some tourism publicity.

There are also some cameos from Celia Imrie (“Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” among others), and her fumbling town car driver, Paul Giamatti. This could truly be one of the best rom-coms ever written, and it only played out on Twitter.

Finally, Machell seemed to put a stamp of approval the apt title “DON:NY,” and another user created a poster. But, you could say these things are still “Up in the Air.”

We can only hope Machell decides to actually write the script and bring this masterpiece to theaters near us soon.