Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Paris
Credit: THOMAS SAMSON/Getty Images

The happiest place on Earth is getting ready to spread some rainbows in 2019.

On June 1, Disneyland Paris will become the first Disney theme park to host an official LGBTQ pride event. The Magical Pride Party will entail special events and activities for members of the LGBTQ community and their friends and family.

The event on June 1 will include meet and greets with Disney characters, an opportunity to join the “Magical March of Diversity Parade,” and a party with DJs, live music, karaoke and several themed photo ops. Attendees will also get special access to selected attractions during the weekend.

Packages — which include two or three nights at a Disney hotel, a two-day Disney Park Hopper Ticket, early access to selected attractions and entrance into the Magical Pride Party — range from about $340 (£259) to $2,400 (£1,829) per person.

Other events focused around the LGBTQ community do happen at Disney theme parks, but so far, this one in Paris is the only one that’s been deemed “official.” (It’s posted on the Disneyland Paris website.) Disneyland in Anaheim, California used to host an LGBTQ event but it stopped about 20 years ago, according to Gay Day Anaheim. Now, Gay Days Anaheim is an unofficial event (taking place Oct. 4-6, 2019) wherein the community shows up at the park for a get-together in matching gear. In Florida, the LGBTQ community convenes in a hotel for a week (Aug. 13-19, 2019) and Gay Days Orlando invades Walt Disney World.