Ursula Little Mermaid Ride Disneyland Disney
Credit: David Roark/Disney

It’s easy to lose your head during a tough work day. Even if you are technically a robot.

Over the weekend, a few guests at Disneyland were stunned to see an animatronic Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” actually lose her head in Adventureland.

The poor, unfortunate souls who actually saw it happen had some mixed reactions. Some couldn’t help but laugh, because frankly, there’s something oddly satisfying, if not relatable, about seeing a robot Disney villain without a head.

And some may have just had their childhoods ruined.

And Ursula wasn’t the only animatronic character to quit the job a little early that day. Another guest noticed that one of the auctioneer pirates also mistakenly lost his head on the exact same day.

To make this sad pirate’s situation worse, his facial movements were still working despite his decapitation. If you’ve never thought about a fate worse than robot death, here it is.

Some people on Twitter had a theory that perhaps the Queen of Hearts was on a tear within the park, which might explain all the headless robots.

But, perhaps more likely, these animatronics were just in need of some routine maintenance.

Travel + Leisure has reached out to Disney for comment and will update.