Walt Disney World Florida
Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Some of the very best snacks and sweets at Disney Springs are going to be impossible to find this summer — unless you're looking on your phone.

Hungry park goers can order a buffalo chicken sandwich or cake gelato shake inside D-Luxe Burger anytime, but their smartphones will be the best place to experience a twist on an unexpected dessert and a handmade version of a classic park snack. The restaurant’s new secret menu can only be found on the Walt Disney World app.

My Disney Experience, which can be used for directions, making dining reservations, and to check on ride wait times, recently introduce mobile restaurant ordering. Like FastPass for food, Disney’s easy-pay setting allows vacationers to select and pay for meals like donut-crusted chicken nuggets from their phone and retrieve them promptly, all without having to wait in line, making the secret menu both under-the-radar and supremely convenient.

Wondering if it’s worth taking a trip beyond the parks for the new offerings? The secret menu includes a BLT sandwich, a blue cheese-topped bacon cheeseburger, and homestyle takes on classic eats like a grilled cheese sandwich and hand-dipped onion rings, which pair perfectly with the restaurant’s popular dipping sauces.

For a more unique treat, opt for the irresistible donut-crusted chicken nuggets. The dessert-wrapped chicken bites can also be found on the kids’ menu, but only here are they served with a heaping of D-Luxe’s hand-cut fries, making for a meal adults will enjoy just as much.

This tech-savvy secret won’t stay quiet for much longer, but if you’ve already had your fill of the low-key offerings, there’s always another rousing hidden menu at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. Ask for it and according to Disney Food Blog, you’ll be given a secret briefcase along the option of a crazy poutine, hot dog, or even a cinnamon bun burger.