Video of Gorillas in Disney's Animal Kingdom Surprised by a Snake Goes Viral

The video on TikTok has over 12 million views.

western lowland gorilla
Photo: Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty

A viral TikTok video captured a group of gorillas discovering a snake in their enclosure at Disney World's Animal Kingdom is garnering millions of views.

The video, posted to the social media platform last week, shows a smaller gorilla discovering the tiny, slithering animal in a pile of hay before a second gorilla comes over to try to shoo it away. Moments later, more curious gorillas come over to check out the scene before the largest gorilla bounds over to the delight of the crowd watching.

Appropriately titled "Gorilla VS Snake" has since been viewed more than 12 million times and received 1.7 million likes.

"So just like humans, our gorillas are very curious about what goes on in their habitat," an employee can be heard saying in the background.

In a second video, one of the gorillas stares at the snake, getting within inches of it. But the gorilla is scared off when the snake begins to slither. A second gorilla then starts to beat its chest at the reptile.

These gorillas are part of a family (or troop) of western lowland gorillas at the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail in Animal Kingdom. The animals, which the World Wildlife Fund has listed as critically endangered, are very intelligent and social.

Beyond the gorillas, guests who head to Animal Kingdom starting this fall will be able to celebrate Disney's 50th anniversary, including with Disney KiteTails, a live show with kites and wind catchers that will have some familiar friends like Simba and Zazu from "The Lion King."

Disney World has made masks optional for vaccinated guests as well as relaxed social distancing requirements. Additionally, the park will introduce the Disney MagicMobile service, which will allow people to enter the theme parks using their iPhones, Apple Watches, or other smart devices.

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