Denmark Reopens to Vaccinated American Tourists — What to Know

The country will reopen on Saturday to American and British travelers who received an approved vaccine.

Fully vaccinated American tourists will once again be welcome in Denmark starting this weekend, VisitDenmark told Travel + Leisure on Friday.

The country will reopen its borders on Saturday to American and British travelers who received a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency, which includes the Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson shots. Tourists must arrive at least 14 days after they receive their final shot.

Going forward, fully vaccinated Americans will be exempt from pre-arrival testing or isolation protocols, according to VisitDenmark. Unvaccinated children who travel with their parents or guardians, however, will still have to get tested.

"Denmark is very excited to welcome back American travelers," Katinka Friis, a spokeswoman for VisitDenmark, told T+L. "So many new places and experiences around Denmark have been in the works over the last year, and it will be amazing to have the Americans come and explore everything they have been missing out on."

Nyhavn tourist area in Copenhagen, Denmark
Rasmus Degnbol/Anadolu Agency via Getty

The relaxing of restrictions follows several other European countries that have begun to welcome American tourists in recent weeks, including Croatia, Italy, and Greece. It also comes as the European Union prepares to open its borders to vaccinated foreign travelers, including from the United States.

To facilitate opening borders, the EU has developed a COVID-19 digital certificate — which may also be available to citizens from non-EU countries — that would allow travelers to upload proof of a vaccine, proof of a negative COVID-19 test, or proof they contracted the virus and recovered.

Earlier this year, Denmark developed its own digital vaccine passport specifically for Danish citizens.

When tourists do head to Denmark again, they will be able to visit the world's first happiness museum, which opened in Copenhagen last year, as well as the immersive H.C. Andersen's House (a museum dedicated to beloved author Hans Christian Andersen), which is set to open on June 30.

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