The flight was eventually canceled due to icy conditions in Kansas City.


Delta Airlines passengers say they were stuck on the tarmac at Kansas City International Airport for nearly 12 hours due to icy weather conditions.

Delta Flight 2195 to Los Angeles was one of several that were canceled or delayed after an ice storm on Tuesday, and several passengers took out their frustration over being left on the plane for several hours on Twitter Wednesday.

Passenger Ann Ngo told the Kansas City Star she sat on the flight from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., saying it was the worst day she has ever had while traveling. Passengers were allowed off the plane to buy food at different times, according to the Star.

The flight was eventually canceled after the plane crew's shifts ran over the legal time limit.

In a statement to the Star, Delta apologized to passengers.

"The significant amount of ice accumulation drove prolonged de-icing times, prompting some flights to return to the gate, which in turn impacted wait times for arriving aircraft as Delta crews worked to clear departing aircraft of ice," spokesperson Lisa Hellerstedt said.