A Delta Airlines passenger jet taxis at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, New York,
Credit: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Delta wants to know when there’s a problem with its aircraft before the problem even pops up.

The airline is working on technology that would aim to eliminate maintenance issues by predicting what could go wrong on an aircraft before anything actually happens.

Delta will use a program called Skywise (developed by Airbus) on its A320 and A330 planes to “track and analyze operations and performance data so it can assess the failure probabilities of aircraft parts to anticipate maintenance tasks before they're needed,” reps for the airline said in a statement.

About 400 aircraft out of Delta’s mainline fleet of 850 planes will participate in the Skywise program.

Delta’s mission is to completely eliminate unscheduled or unforeseen maintenance issues as a reason for canceling flights.

"Adding Skywise to our stable of innovative TechOps tools will support our teams in their work to improve Delta's performance by the fractions needed to reach our ultimate goal of 100 percent reliability,” Gil West, senior executive vice president and chief operating officer, said in a statement.