Delta Air Lines flight airplane landing
Credit: Gary Hershorn/Corbis via Getty Images

A Delta flight from New York City to Seattle made an emergency landing in Montana after the onboard toilet broke and passengers couldn’t hold it any longer.

“All toilets were full and passengers needed to ‘go really bad,’” Delta’s report from the incident on flight 453 said, according to the Billings Gazette.

Cabin crew could have taken the “parent on a road trip” route, which would involve making sure everybody went to the bathroom before taking off cause it’s six hours to Seattle and we aren’t stopping. Instead, they decided to make a sharp left turn and head hundreds of miles south to Billings Logan International Airport.

But — as anybody who has ever ran to a bathroom only to discover a line knows — it’s not always smooth sailing once you get to your destination. There weren’t any available gates at the airport, so the plane had to taxi to the cargo area.

There were several “passengers that needed to find a lavatory very urgently,” the report stated. The airport grounds crew rolled a stairway over to the plane and escorted passengers into terminal where they could “find relief of built-up pressures.”

While the passengers were in the terminal, crew repaired the malfunctioning onboard toilet. After three hours in Billings, the plane refueled and proceeded to Seattle. The flight arrived more than two hours after schedule.

“The flight landed in Billings without incident and the issue was resolved before proceeding to Seattle,” the airline told Travel + Leisure in a statement. “Delta apologizes for the inconvenience.”