Travelers are allowed a refund for the unused portion of their ticket or make a one-time change.
Winter Storm Impacts Air Travel
A Delta Airlines plane is de-iced before flight before the airport halts flights in anticipation of a severe winter storm in Boston, Massachusetts in January 2015.
| Credit: Boston Globe/Getty Images

Delta Air Lines is offering a waiver to customers who may find themselves in the midst of the upcoming winter storm.

The airline is offering the waivers to customers flying through nine affected cities from January 3 to January 4: Allentown, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Newport News, Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Washington-Dulles, Virginia, and Washington-Reagan, in Arlington, Virginia.

Passengers must use the waiver on or before January 7; otherwise they will be subject to a price differential.

The storm, which has been named Grayson, is expected to dump ice and snow along the eastern United States.