"You can take my f--king picture if you want to a--hole."
Delta Airlines in Portland
Credit: Bloomberg / Contributor

A Delta Air Lines employee was captured on video using explicit language toward a customer who was filming him at Portland International Airport.

Ruhul Amin, 37, told NBC affiliate KGW8 that his Delta flight from Honolulu to Portland was delayed twice Sunday prior to his placement on a Hawaiian Airlines flight. He told KGW8 that his luggage remained with Delta en route to Portland, and that Delta employees were discourteous to him when he tried to explain the situation.

In the video Amin posted to social media himself, one female Delta employee asks, “Why do you do this?” Amin responds, “Can I talk to your supervisor?” as the camera shifts onto a male employee.

“You can take my f--king picture if you want to a--hole,” the employee says directly into the camera. “Let’s get the cops down here,” he adds.

“Yeah, please,” Amin can be heard saying. “Yeah, yeah, absolutely.”

Delta told Travel + Leisure it has suspended the male employee.

“The actions displayed by this employee do not in any way reflect the standard of customer service and professionalism we expect from our employees,” Delta said in a statement. “This conduct is unacceptable and we have reached out directly to the customer and apologized.”

Amin told KGW8 that he later received a phone call from Delta spokesperson, who apologized and offered him a $200 voucher. The airline was also able to locate his bag and deliver it to his hotel lobby in Portland, the station reports.

Amin did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Travel + Leisure.