David Beckham with sons on beach

On Monday, David Beckham announced his plans to bring Major League Soccer to Miami, Florida.

“There were times we sat back and said ‘This is not going to happen. It’s too difficult. There are too many bumps in the road.’ But I don’t give up,” Beckham said during an event to confirm his new team’s entry into MLS in 2020.

Though many in the sports industry are betting against Beckham and the team, Beckham believes the new team just needs one beacon of hope.

“I think Miami needs a star,” Beckham said. “You have to realize the audience we have and Miami would expect us to bring in a star. That’s what we plan on doing.”

However, it's already become clear Miami's real star won’t be playing on the field: Beckham has stolen the spotlight just by hanging around the 305.

Paparazzi have been following Beckham’s every move in Miami, including his time eating with his eldest son Brooklyn at Komodo, a massive three-story restaurant featuring delicious Asian-fusion meals.

Fans and the press also caught Beckham reportedly exiting a the Rockwell club at 5 a.m. Plus, the father and son both seem to have had ample pool and beach time.

The Daily Mail got in on the Beckham action, sharing photos of the soccer stud as he tanned by a hotel pool in the Florida city. Though the name of the hotel was not released there are certainly more than a few great ones worthy of an A-lister like Beckham to choose from.

According to reports, Miami won’t be a permanent home for Beckham, or any member of his family for that matter. However, in a video message to their dad and husband to congratulate him on his new team, the kids express how excited they are while Victoria added, “We can’t wait to be spending more time in Miami as a family.”

So if you’re thinking of booking a hotel room in Miami soon just be warned you may be sleeping next to a few noisey Beckhams. Though really, maybe that’s not a bad thing.