These Romantic Suites in Greece Come With Hidden Plunge Pools for Sunset Swims (Video)

At this hotel, the private plunge pools are next-level.

Having a pool in your hotel room always make for a memorable stay, but one hotel in Greece has taken their private plunge pools to the next level.

Guests who book an infinity suite at the Dana Villas and Suites in the village of Firostefani, on Santorini, have access to private indoor pools, which are hidden away behind secret doorways.

A recent video, posted by traveler Oded David, showcases what it's like to experience the cove-like pools. His footage leads viewers through the narrow corridors that lead to the bright turquoise waters.

A hidden entrance makes the pool — which pops against the traditional whitewashed walls — feel like an intimate secret.

But the highlight of the suite's plunge pool is actually outside. The pool ends at an outdoor balcony, where guests can enjoy private, unmatched views of the ocean, the surrounding town, and Santorini's famous sunsets.

All of the hotel's plunge pools are heated, have waterfalls, and feature entirely customizable lighting.

Even if you don't have a private plunge pool, all of the rooms at Dana Villas and Suites are completed by ocean views. That’s because the hotel's collection of studios and apartments are all perched on the rim of a cliff.

Though the property is walking distance from the local town square, the cliffside location affords guests the serene feeling of a private retreat.

Visitors will also have access to a 750-square-foot swimming pool, a pool bar, an outdoor hot tub, a wedding terrace with ocean views, a restaurant that overlooks the caldera, yacht charters, and car and motorcycle rentals.

While Dana Villas and Suites currently has a promotion that prices the infinity suites at €552.50 (roughly $650) per night, rates typically start at €650 (or $764) per night.

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