For some people it's the destination, for others it's the journey.

By Andrea Romano
June 04, 2020
Woman recreates travel photo
Credit: Dana Jondahl

Travelers don’t just miss visiting amazing destinations, they can also miss the feeling of going somewhere too.

Dana Jondahl of Minnesota is one such person. According to Insider, Jondahl had a brilliant idea to make up for her canceled travel plans on her 34th birthday. If she couldn’t travel due to coronavirus, she was going to bring the traveling to her, in her very own home.

Jondahl posted a video that recreated the travel experience from arriving at the airport to finally landing in your destination, with her playing all the roles of the people who you’ll encounter on a typical airport visit. She not only plays herself (the traveler), but also a TSA agent, flight attendant, and tarmac worker (marshall).

“They told me no traveling for my birthday this year... #challengeaccepted #shenanigansaremyspecialty,” she wrote on her post on Facebook.

What’s so unique about Jondahl’s video is that she doesn’t skimp on the details. Her homemade self-service kiosk, luggage scanner, and TSA uniforms are particularly well done. According to Insider, commenters assumed she was actually a TSA agent because her uniform looked real. She even used a pool noodle and tape to create batons and studied marshalling moves online, Insider reported.

“Everyone assumed it took a really long time, but I just kind of get very in the zone and just started crafting like crazy,” she told Insider. The making of the video took about four days to complete.

Not only that, she even nails the so-called “boring” parts of travel, including waiting around at the airport for your flight — though she seems quite entertained by a copy of Travel + Leisure to board and falling asleep on a long flight.

Jondahl, however, does not work for the TSA. She’s actually an “experiential marketer” and avid at-home crafter, according to Insider, which is probably why she has such a good attention to detail.

Since posting it three weeks ago, Jondahl’s video has racked up 657,000 views, 9,600 shares, 8,900 reactions, and 2,900 comments. “I shared it thinking a couple of friends would like it, and then it just started continually growing like 100,000 views almost every day for the first week,” she told Insider. "It was insane. I'm just blown away… it's been like 99% positive comments."

Jondahl is hoping to visit 50 countries before she turns 50, according to Insider. While the lockdown may be a set back, we feel confident that this obsessive traveler will meet her goal.