Czech Republic Institutes Color-coded System for Reopening Borders (Video)

There are 19 approved "green" European countries where travel will be unrestricted.

The Czech Republic will begin opening its international borders on June 15 with a very unique system.

The Czech government created a color-coded system to classify countries and their travel policies based on coronavirus risk ranging green, orange, and red tiers, Reuters reported. Citizens of the countries deemed the lowest risk — green — will be able to travel without restriction (and vice versa for Czech citizens to cross into their borders). Orange countries must produce a negative COVID-19 test for entry into the Czech Republic, although the Czech can enter their countries without hassle.

The riskiest countries classified under red. which include Sweden and Britain, will require both their citizens and Czech citizens who return from trips there to present a negative COVID-19 test at the border.

There are 19 approved green European countries where travel will be unrestricted, including Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, the Baltic states, Finland, Norway, and Iceland. The Czech Republic already agreed to mutually open borders with bordering Hungary and Slovakia on May 26.

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France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium are included in the Czech orange tier.

The system does not yet include countries outside of Europe.

Life in the Czech Republic is returning normal as coronavirus restrictions ease. Museums and cinemas were allowed to reopen May 11, two weeks ahead of schedule, according to Variety. And pubs, restaurants and castles opened on May 25 with disinfecting and social distancing protocol in place, Expats reported. From June 8, the Czech Republic will increase the maximum number of people allowed at gatherings from 500 to 1,000.

The government still requires people to wear masks while indoors and not in their homes and they should take care to maintain social distancing.

The Czech Republic has reported a total of 9,286 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 321 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data. For most of May, the country reported fewer than 100 new cases each day.

Europe’s reopening process varies from country to country, but tends to begin with mutual agreements between bordering countries. The earliest the continent will open to foreign visitors is June 15.

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