By Andrea Romano
April 02, 2019

If you feel like you need a hug, you might want to take a trip to Los Angeles.

According to Lonely Planet, Airbnb offers a unique experience through Cuddle Sanctuary, a professional cuddling organization that offers special cuddling sessions and training to people who are interested in connecting with others in a safe space.

Credit: Getty Images

Cuddle Sanctuary Social, a series of events being presented by Airbnb, is open to 10 people at a time to come and cuddle with perfect strangers for three hours.

Each session begins with a 30-minute orientation to go over questions and etiquette. Then, participants will be lead through a series of breathing and relaxation exercises. Anyone who wants to attend the event can bring their own blankets, pillows, or healthy snacks to share, but the event coordinators also provide floor cushions and blankets, according to Lonely Planet.

All participants must make sure they’re free of scents like perfumes, smoke, or cologne when they come.

According to the event listing on Airbnb, Cuddle Sanctuary’s founder, Jean Franzblau, says she created the organization after realizing she was touch deprived. “I used my experience as a corporate trainer and coach to found Cuddle Sanctuary,” Franzblau wrote. “Now I have my basic needs for affection met every week. And I have the connection, community, laughter, and fun I’ve always wanted.”

Cuddling with animals, like cats, puppies, and kangaroos, is certainly becoming a popular activity around the world, but many people tend to shy away from spending so much intimate time with other humans. In fact, scientists have found there’s a real reason some people hate hugs, noting that it has a lot to do with how a person is raised.

But whether you love cuddling or you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone, the Cuddle Sanctuary says on its event website that it has “perfected the experience so that you have a chance to connect and have fun without feeling pressure to touch anybody.”

The Cuddle Sanctuary social event is held on Wednesdays and certain Saturdays through June 26. Tickets to the event are $29 per person, and all events are held at The Love Dome in Venice.

More information can be found on the Airbnb website or the Cuddle Sanctuary website.