Two Carnival Cruise Nurses Delivered a Baby on an Emirates Flight

The healthy baby was named Sky.

If there’s one thing we want you to take away from this incredible story it’s that nurses are absolute heroes. Especially in the midst of mid-air chaos.

On June 20, two Carnival Breeze nurses, Christine Anne and John, were finally making their way home to be repatriated after spending weeks at sea. The two were on an Emirates flight from London to Manila, likely believing their medical work was done for the time being. However, one tiny passenger had different plans.

Newborn baby feet
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According to John Heald, the Brand Ambassador and senior cruise director of Carnival Cruise Lines, the nursing duo had to step into action when a passenger went into labor at 37,000 feet.

“Christine Anne and John were being repatriated home from Carnival Breeze when they responded to a PA announcement asking for medical personnel to assist in an in-flight situation,” Heald shared on Facebook alongside an adorable photo of the nurses and the new arrival. “Mother and baby girl are doing fine.”

According to Heald, Christine Anne and John were supposed to be on another flight a few days earlier but somehow got stuck for a few days longer, which really makes the story feel like kismet.

Jill Frances Manuel-Kresse, a crew member for Emirates, wrote on Heald’s post, “Thank you again to these amazing nurses. It was indeed a flight that I’ll never forget with Emirates.” John quickly replied, “Thank you Ms. Jill for all the help and assistance.”

As for the baby, the parents decided to give the little one the perfect name: Sky.

Heald added, “All of us at Carnival express our pride and appreciation to Christine Anne and John and a lifetime of good fortune baby Sky.”

And if Emirates happens to be looking for the perfect gift for baby Sky we suggest gifting the newborn free flights for life just like JetBlue did for a baby born mid-air on its fleet in 2019. That way, they have a new loyal customer for life.

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