This Cow Got Stuck on a Waterslide After Escaping a Nearby Cattle Ranch in Brazil

Apparently, the slide was approved for 450 pounds, but the animal came in at just over 700 pounds.

A cow escaped from a cattle ranch in Brazil and made a beeline for a waterslide at a nearby resort — and the whole thing was captured on video.

Following its daring escape, the farm animal made its way to the resort pool and climbed up onto the top of the waterslide, according to a video posted by Brazilian outlet Diário da Região. The amoosing animal then slowly slid down the slide — because cows just wanna have fun — before getting stuck and taking a break.

Apparently, the slide was approved for 450 pounds, but the animal came in at just over 700 pounds.

The video, which was posted last week and took place about 500 miles west of Rio de Janeiro, has since been viewed more than 78,000 times.

The cow has now been granted a reprieve from its former slaughterhouse destiny, according to iHeart Radio. The good boy has been named Tobogã, Portuguese for "Slide," and will now live out its life as a pet at the cattle ranch.

This isn't the first time a cow has escaped from somewhere and found itself wandering around odd places. Earlier this year, a cow was spotted in the back seat of a small car at a McDonald's drive-through in Wisconsin and a herd of cows in Indiana escaped a farm and went galloping down a highway.

While legen-dairy escapes are fun to watch, more than half of young Americans said in a survey last year that they've never seen a cow in real life.

Cows are adorable and funny animals and can provide a never-ending source of amusement, and one has even been used as an emotional support animal by a "Bachelor" contestant. For those who want to cuddle a cow, a farm in upstate New York will arrange a "cow cuddling" session where visitors can brush, pet, and chat with the farm animals.

And for animal lovers who can't quite make it to a farm, VisitScotland posts charming photos of its Highland Coos (aka cows) on social media.

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