As any traveler can tell you, planning a vacation takes a great deal of work. Often, a trip can take months of planning to orchestrate, including finding the perfect destination, flights, accommodations, activities and more. And that’s what makes this video of a couple appearing to miss their cruise by mere minutes all the more heartbreaking.

On Sunday, the YouTube channel Reel Focus uploaded a six-minute video allegedly showing a couple walking up to their cruise ship right as it rolls away the gangway after stopping in the Bahamas, making it impossible for them to board.

According to Newsweek, an onlooker shot the footage from a building next to the cruise harbor. The video shows dock workers pulling the ropes off the boat and the couple running toward the entryway only to be denied.

The couple then moves toward the stern of the ship where they appear to yell back and forth with one of the crew members. The ship official appears to tell the couple that the thrusters have already been turned on, making it impossible for them to board. Still, that didn’t stop the couple from begging to be let on.

“That’s funny,” a woman says off-camera as they watch the sad event ensue. But, clearly, it’s not to the people it happened to. And really, you should be taking this video as a lesson on always arriving early for your flight, train, cruise, or any other mode of transportation.

However, if you do miss your cruise there are a few steps you should take immediately. According to Cruise Critic, the first thing you should do is find a port agent to assist you in finding your personal items and helping you with next steps. According to Cruise Critic, “the ship's crew will often remove the passengers' essential items — passports, cell phones, and medication — from the ship to leave with the port agents.”

Next, it’s time to start making some calls to both the ship and to the cruise operator, who can then assist you in linking up with the cruise at its next port.

Then, you’ll likely have to make your own travel arrangements. It’s crucial to note you'll likely be responsible for any costs incurred for extra travel as you missed the boat, the boat didn’t miss you.

Finally, as Cruise Critic noted, it’s important to relax. There’s nothing you can do but make new travel arrangements and try to pick up the trip where you left off. Don’t let this little hiccup spoil a perfectly good vacation, but, next time be a bit more punctual.