Aquarium Wedding underwater
Credit: Lauren Dongray/

Turns out, there may be a reason why some people call getting married, “taking the plunge.”

For one couple, this saying took on a literal meaning. Lauren and Gary Dongray of Harlow, Essex, solidified their union by saying “I do” inside a tank at the Sea Life aquarium in Manchester, England last June.

It probably comes as no surprise that the couple also met on the dating website, Plenty of Fish.

Aquarium Wedding
Credit: Lauren Dongray/

The couple’s unique ceremony was funded by U.K. television show Don't Tell The Bride. The show gave Gary £14,000 (just under $20,000 USD) to plan the wedding without Lauren knowing the details. Their episode aired on Wednesday, January 24. Gary had about three weeks to put the whole event together.

“I was exhausted and I was terrified that Lauren wouldn’t like it. But it turned out to be the best day of our lives,” Gary told South West News Service.

The Dongray’s were joined in the tank by Lauren’s six bridesmaids, who were delightfully dressed as mermaids, Gary’s best man, Tony, and Lauren’s dad. The couple’s golden labrador, Gizmo, served as the “flower girl” and was kept at a second stage — out of the water.

Aquarium Wedding, Mermaid Bridesmaids
Credit: Lauren Dongray/

Also in attendance were sharks, stingrays and tropical fish.

“I totally trusted Gary but I was amazed when we pulled up at the venue and it was an aquarium,” said Lauren to South West News Service.

In order to perform the ceremony, the couple, and all humans in attendance, wore oxygen tanks with helmets to keep hair dry (for pictures, of course).

The couple admits they applied to be on the show as a joke, but went through four months of auditions before being chosen.

Within six weeks of being chosen, the couple was happily married. Clearly everything really is better under the sea.