By Cailey Rizzo
April 24, 2019
Two people at an airport baggage claim
Credit: Ryan J Lane/Getty Images

Michelle Belleau was supposed to pick up Ron Peterson at the Southwest Airlines baggage carousel at Cleveland Hopkins Airport 12 years ago. They had never met before, but Belleau was supposed to pick up her company’s client and show him around.

On April 20, they met at the baggage claim once again. Only this time, it was in front of a priest and 125 friends and family members.

Twelve years after meeting at the baggage claim, Belleau and Peterson got married there.

After their meeting at the airport, the couple hit it off and started a long-distance relationship, with Cleveland Hopkins Airport often the backdrop for their most emotional moments. “It was both the happiest place and the saddest place,” depending on whether or not they were saying hello or goodbye, Belleau told

The couple now lives in Los Angeles, after Belleau moved there so they could be together. But, after proposing, Peterson said he wanted to wed at the place that started it all.

And the event also had a nod to the airline that helped the couple maintain their romance. Save-the-dates looked like Southwest luggage tags and the wedding invitations were made to resemble boarding passes. The airline’s colors (blue, red and yellow) appeared throughout the decorations.

The airline even agreed to help out during the ceremony and reroute passengers’ bags to other carousels to avoid disruption. During the ceremony, an opera singer and two cellists serenaded the group assembled in front of baggage carousel number six.

The Airport said it was the first time, to their knowledge, anyone has gotten married at their baggage claim.