"They were looking at us so bizarrely," Voirrey Coole said of the moment Isle of Man airport security saw their pet in the scanner.

By Ashley Boucher / People.com
October 23, 2019
NNehring/Getty Images

When Isle of Man residents Nick and Voirrey Coole were getting ready for a vacation to New York, they didn’t intend to pack their pet cat, Candy, into their luggage — but that’s exactly what happened!

The couple didn’t even realize that their furry friend had decided to tag along by hiding in one of their carryon bags, because the feline wasn’t discovered until they tried to get through security at the Isle of Man airport.

The Cooles said that their first tip that something was out of the ordinary was when they noticed the airport staff giving them odd looks as their baggage went through the scanner.

“It must have looked quite unusual on the scanner. At the point at which they scanned it, they were all scratching heads and they were all looking at each other,” Nick explained in an interview with the BBC.

“They were looking at us so bizarrely,” Voirrey added. The pair were headed to the Big Apple to celebrate Nick’s 40th birthday.

“They were double-taking at us constantly, and it was like they couldn’t quite work out what on Earth was going on,” Nick continued.

It turned out that Candy had hitched a ride with her human parents by curling up in one of their bags. Thankfully, the airport security team eventually found her and helped the couple pass off Candy to some friends and continue on to their destination.

“The second they realized it was a genuine mistake, and we had actually brought our cat through airport security, at that point, they just laughed and they were fantastic,” Nick said.

Nick shared the experience on Facebook, complete with photos of Candy with one of the security agents.

“You know that feeling, when you get ushered into a side room at airport security because you’ve got a cat in your hand luggage,” he wrote.

“Candy decided to sneak into our hand bag, thanks Barry and Lorna for picking her up so we can head off on our holiday. Fair play to airport security for helping to get her home so we could catch our flight.”