Sesame Street, the illusive destination presumably somewhere in the streets of a major U.S. city, is a destination we’ve all grown familiar with over their 48 years on air. But did you know the cast of Sesame Street is actually very well traveled? Particularly everyone’s favorite sweet tooth: Cookie Monster.

Cookie has traveled around the world with Big Blue, his trusty suitcase that carries all his wardrobe changes, accessories, and of course, cookies. Together as a team, Cookie and Big Blue have been to six continents, and have made a goal to visit all seven. The one they have left is Antarctica.

In between all his travels and back on Sesame Street, Cookie Monster has learned the benefits of healthy eating, and snacking in moderation. But don’t worry, there’s always a spot in Cookie’s heart for his favorite treat.

Additionally, Cookie Monster has been busy with his food truck business. Sharing his favorite meals and treats with the rest of the cast and encouraging children to join in his newfound love of a balanced diet.

We New Yorkers love our food trucks, so when Travel + Leisure got the chance to hit the streets of New York City with Cookie Monster in search of some menu additions for his food truck, we couldn’t say no.

Watch as Cookie Monster brings us to some of his favorite spots in the Big Apple. From visiting celebrity chef Anne Burrell, to learning what it means to be vegan from chef Isa Chandra, Cookie Monster leads us on an adventure filled delicious food that, without a doubt, leads to learning how delicious cookies are made at the city’s famous Schmackery’s Bakery.