Rue Crémieux in Paris
Credit: Alain KUBACSI/Getty Images

The residents of one of Paris’s most photographed streets are sick of people loitering in their doorways.

In a city where most buildings adhere to uniform regulations dating back to the mid-19th century, the Rue Crémieux is famous for its un-Parisian paint job. The buildings are festooned in pastel paint jobs with pinks, purples, blues, oranges and greens lining the small cobblestone street.

But the traveling Instagram set has discovered the Rue Crémieux and so have their followers — and the residents are not happy about it.

This week, the residents’ association representing those who live on the street asked the city of Paris to close the street to non-residents on evenings and weekends.

Residents say that have been battling posing visitors on their street for the past four years. Instagram posts tagged with “rue Crémieux” exceed more than 30,000.

The vice president of the street association said in a statement that the residents have to deal with loud music outside their windows as people film music videos.

“It’s become hell,” Antoine, the vice president of the street association, told Franceinfo, as translated by The Telegraph. “During the week it’s not bad because it’s just tourists and they are not too disruptive. But during the weekend, it’s 200 people outside our windows. We’re eating at our tables and people are just outside taking their pictures.”

Another resident has taken to documenting those who visit the street, calling it “Club Crémieux.”

Residents regularly deal with dance flash mobs on their way down the street.

Other times it’s flexible women stretching in their doorways.

Sometimes it’s a German rapper filming a music video.

The residents are hoping that the city of Paris will install gates on either end of their small street to keep out people in the evening and on weekends. If the gates are installed, visitors will still be able to visit the charming street and snap their pictures during the week.