Timothy Schenck

The first-ever hotel on the New York City landmark has rates starting at $75.

Jacqueline Gifford
February 07, 2018

One of New York City’s most exciting new hotels won’t be in Brooklyn or midtown Manhattan. No, it will be on Governor’s Island, a beautiful green space with views of the skyline and Statue of Liberty — and where there's rarely been the chance to stay overnight before.

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This May, the 172-acre, seasonal destination off the tip of lower Manhattan will see the opening of a hotel from Collective Retreats, a brand with properties in rural locations including Hudson Valley, Montana, and Texas Hill Country. Collective Retreats is known for its chic, high-end glamping tents, which highlight the outdoor lifestyle and connect their guests to nature.

Courtesy of Collective Retreats

“We are super excited,” Peter Mack, Collective Retreats' founder, told Travel + Leisure. “Governor’s is a historic space, there’s nothing like it in New York City. Our spot on the island stares right at the Statue of Liberty. We love the idea of our retreats providing a sense of escape or something special.”

Courtesy of Collective Retreats

The hotel will operate seasonally from May to October, and accommodate about 100 overnight guests. Many more people will be on site when the property is used for a wedding or a corporate event. It will be on Governor’s Island’s western side, and feature three styles of accommodations: standard luxury tents with king-size beds and private bathrooms; premium bell tents with queen-size beds and shared bathrooms; and suites housed in an innovative, container-style unit.

There will also be a special dedicated deck for yoga, performances, and music, as well as food and beverage offerings, including food trucks.

Currently operated by both the National Park Service and an independent trust, Governor’s Island has a unique place in New York City history. During the colonial era, royal governors lived there. At the end of the 18th century, the island became a post for the United States Army and in later years, a base for the Coast Guard.

Many homes were built to accommodate the military population, which at one time numbered 3,500 people. In 1996, the Coast Guard officially left the island, making way for Governor’s Island new life as a place for the public to visit during the summer months, with festivals, food trucks, and tours on offer.

Timothy Schenck

Mack also stressed that Collective Retreats wants to locals New Yorkers to stay with them, and will be offering affordable pricing: “The mission for Governor’s Island is to be part of the community, so we will have discounted rates so that all New Yorkers can access it,” he said. “It’s important that this is also a retreat for the New York City community.”

Weekday rates will start at $75 a night, and bell-service tents will start at $125.

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