It's a whole new take on "airplane food."
Cleveland plane
Credit: Courtesy of Claire Anter I-X Center

Visitors to Cleveland will soon be able enjoy a new kind of dining experience inside a Cold War-era plane.

The International Exposition I-X Center is in the process of converting a Boeing KC-97G Stratofreighter into a 50-seat open dining area.

The exposition center will showcase the restoration of the plane's exterior March 16-18, and the restaurant is set to open in 2020, the I-X Center told Travel + Leisure in an email.

The Ohio Air National Guard used the plane for mid-flight refueling in 1963-1968, The Plain Dealer reported. For the past 40 years, however, the Boeing aircraft sat unused in a facility in Arizona before being purchased by the I-X center.

Plane Interior
Credit: Courtesy of Ben Simonson I-X Center

"From aviation enthusiasts to parents with young, curious children, the restaurant will attract people from Northeast Ohio and beyond," Lisa Vo, executive vice president of the I-X Center, told The Plain Dealer.

When completed, the restaurant won't be the first eatery in a retired aircraft. A vegan eatery, bakery, and cafe opened inside a retired A320 in India in December, and a Chinese entrepreneur spent $5.2 million to convert a retired Boeing 737 into a fine dining establishment. The latter, which opened in 2016, fully embraced the aviation theme, even outfitting its wait staff in flight crew uniforms and installing a flight simulator.