Meghan Markle
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Being a royal bride has its perks. Besides having a gorgeous wedding that the entire world will see, Meghan Markle will also receive some truly remarkable and one-of-a-kind gifts when she ties the knot with Prince Harry.

But there’s one gift she is going to receive that will be truly priceless.

As a new member of the royal family, Markle and her family will receive a specially designed coat of arms from Kensington Palace ahead of the wedding.

“Miss Markle’s father has the right to a coat of arms because his daughter is marrying into the Royal Family. Kate Middleton’s father was given one, just as Sophie Rhys-Jones’s father was when she married Prince Edward,” a source told the Daily Mail.

Before receiving the coat of arms, Markle’s father, a U.S. citizen living in Mexico, reportedly needed to prove one of his ancestors was a subject of the Crown. Australian history teacher Michael Reed claims to have found that an ancestor on Markle's father's side was beheaded by King Henry VIII, though that has never been confirmed. Reports also tie her family to Mary Hussey Smith, a descendant of Lord Hussey,1st Baron of Sleaford.

A spokesperson confirmed to the Daily Mail that the coat of arms will be complete in time to feature on the souvenir program for the royal wedding.

Kate Middleton’s coat of arms features a gold chevron, in honor of her mother Carole’s maiden name, Goldsmith, as well as three acorns representing the Middleton siblings: Kate, Pippa, and James.

There is no information on what will be featured on the Markle coat of arms, but once it is complete, elements from hers and Prince Harry’s coats of arms will be featured the on coats of their potential future children.