New Secret Invite-Only Restaurant at Newark Airport
Credit: Courtesy of United

United’s much-anticipated “speakeasy” restaurant at Newark Airport just opened its doors a crack for us commoners.

CLASSIFIED debuted back in late August and was quickly touted as “one of the most elite restaurants" in the New York area.

When the restaurant opened, access was limited to the crème de la crème of United’s frequent flier program. Guests had to be “pre-selected” and invited by United to experience the restaurant.

CLASSIFIED is still invitation-only, but now it’s possible to request an invitation. A spokesperson from United told Travel + Leisure that any MileagePlus member can request access to make a reservation. However that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they will be granted admission.

After receiving an invitation and confirming a reservation, passengers receive an email from United, detailing how to find the restaurant (behind the Saison restaurant in Terminal C). An employee greets visitors upon arrival and escorts them through a nondescript hallway to gain access to CLASSIFIED.

Once inside the restaurant, guests are seated at tables overlooking the tarmac as planes come and go. Each table has an iPad for ordering — by far the most contentious issue among restaurant reviewers and clientele. The menu includes items like a 42-ounce Tomahawk steak, butter poached lobster, and a $575 bottle of wine (a 2012 red blend from Opus One Winery in California). The menu is farm-to-table fare, according to a review in the New York Times, with much of the produce coming from New York City’s Union Square Greenmarket. It’s possible to pay either in cash or with United frequent flier miles.

Customers at the restaurant have reported being gifted small items at the end of their meal at CLASSIFIED, like a box of chocolates. Frequent fliers with United can check online to see if they have access to the restaurant.