Chrissy Teigen and Luna Legend
Credit: GC Images

Sure, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and their daughter Luna may be major celebrities, but when it comes to getting their passport photos taken, they head to the local pharmacy just like the rest of us.

But, thankfully, these travel-loving stars shared the entire experience of Luna getting her new passport photo taken with us all on social media.

On Twitter, Teigen shared the first video of Luna gracing the local Rite Aid with her presence. In the tweet, Teigen wrote, “Let’s get this shit over with.”

She then shared a video of Luna getting her portrait taken, but with a twist. You see, Luna, being the teeny, tiny angel that she is, wasn’t big enough to sit on the chair herself. So instead, she needed to sit on papa John’s lap as he held a cardboard partition between them. Luna looked predictably unimpressed with the entire ordeal.

And though this is all hysterical, it’s truly needed as Luna is already a worldwide jet-setter. The Legends are, of course, frequent travelers to Lake Como, Italy. As Legend described it on Instagram, Como has been “Home away from home since 2007.” Teigen added on Twitter that the location was also “... Home of my wedding, the ‘all of me’ video, my favorite cacio e pepe and my entire heart. Love it here.”

As for if Luna and Chrissy are actually good travel partners, John recently told Travel + Leisure, “They're not terrible. Miles doesn't even have a personality yet. He's just silent most of the time, but he hasn't flown anywhere yet, so we'll see.”

And, if you’re anything like Chrissy and John and need to get your traveling baby a passport photo too, check out this guide, which will help you figure out all the paperwork, photos, and applications you need to get your baby racking up those airline miles ASAP.