Chrissy Teigen and baby Miles Legend on vacation
Credit: Chrissy Teigen via Instagram

Chrissy Teigen and John legend are true vacation experts. From traveling with a full vacation lookbook to picking the perfect carry-on bags and understanding how to entertain two babies for 15-hour flights, these two can do it all. And they're proving this point once again by spending their summer family vacation in Bali.

On Sunday, both John and Chrissy shared updates from their vacation to social media. In the first update, Chrissy shared a quick video of her, John, and Luna as they rode on a golf cart to their resort.

For his part, John shared a gorgeous image of a Balinese jungle at sunrise.

Next, Chrissy updated the world to let everyone know that baby Miles made the cut for the vacation, too. In the post, Teigen wrote, “Just being my sweet, peaceful self.”

John then shared a picture of his adorable mini-me daughter Luna as she sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed some local fruit.

Teigen followed suit by sharing her own update of a smiling baby Luna.

She then upped the ante by sharing with fans a little behind-the-scenes vacation action as she sang a lullaby to Miles.

Beyond relaxing, Chrissy and John are letting their kids get up close and personal with the local wildlife on this trip. A few days ago, Chrissy shared a quick video to Twitter, showing her daughter getting close to a rather large insect. Chrissy asked the world, “time for another game of “what’s this bug!?”

Her followers theorized it was a Tarantula Wasp, which is indeed a real thing. However, Gwen Pearson, educational outreach coordinator for the Purdue Department of Entomology, told The Washington Post, “It's not a tarantula hawk. The behavior is wrong, the body is wrong and the size is wrong.”

James Pitts, a biology professor at Utah State University, told The Post the bug she’s holding is likely just a predator or scavenger wasp. And though a sting would hurt, it would only be dangerous to a person with an allergy, Pitts explained. So, maybe stop tweeting her about playing with a dangerous bug and let her enjoy her vacation instead.