By Stacey Leasca
August 08, 2018
Chrissy Teigen via Instagram

One might think people as famous as Chrissy Teigen and John Legend would want to take ultra-private vacations to unheard of destinations far, far away from their fans.

But Teigen and Legend aren’t just any old famous people: They are social media-loving famous people who like to share their every move with their followers while traveling the globe.

Right now, the duo is spending time in Bali, a destination they first fell in love with in the summer of 2017. And just like their last trip, both Teigen and Legend have been diligently updating their followers on their activities on every social platform.

In a series of updates, the pair showed off their intimate Balinese setting, with Teigen even giving a little behind-the-scenes tour of the family’s sleeping arrangements.

And on Wednesday, in her Instagram Stories, Teigen updated followers to let them know that even though they are stars they are just like the rest of us when it comes to tourist attractions.

Teigen shared a series of videos and photos from the family’s outing to a bird sanctuary in the area. There, Legend was brave enough to hold a few of the birds as his daughter, Luna, sat perched on his shoulders.

Beyond following Teigen for her vacation updates, you may want to follow her for her “headband of the day” updates. You see, it’s become a running joke between her and her husband, who sings the most beautiful melody to celebrate his wife’s new, exciting headbands each and every day of their vacation.

And honestly, as any frequent traveler with long locks will tell you, those headbands can really save your entire look while traveling somewhere with high humidity. If you need more hair options, here are six hot hair accessories for keeping cool this summer.