Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Chrissy Teigen is all about sharing her key life moments with fans. Take, for example, how the model, mom, and television host is constantly showing off her vacations with her followers on social media. She even shared her pregnancy announcements with the world in Instagram videos.

And now, Teigen may have combined those two things with her latest Instagram photo, simply captioned: “Girls weekend - Quaker Hill, NY - 2018.”

In the photo, Teigen looks gorgeous with her burgeoning baby bump on full display underneath a floral silk robe as she proves she’s still on top of her game with her model-perfect smoldering stare targeted directly into the camera lens.

While the photo is great, it’s the caption that potentially reveals more than anything else. Sure, she notes she’s having a girls getaway in Quaker Hill, a quaint and picturesque community about two hours north of New York City, but it’s one “girl” in particular that got fans talking.

“So you're having another girl?” one fan tweeted in reply to the photo.

“She just leaked the baby sex and didn’t even mean to,” another said.

Indeed, many believe this photo showing just Teigen and her bump (sans the other “girls” she mentions) is her announcing to the world that she is expecting another girl in 2018. It could be true, but as Bustlereported, Teigen and her husband John Legend have previously stated that they have no plans to reveal the gender of their next child before his or her arrival.

In fact, even after the baby’s birth the couple said they will choose a gender-neutral name, though that may be harder to come by than one would expect. Teigen tweeted in December that the list of possible gender-neutral names wasn’t looking great.

In the end, the name and gender really don’t matter, so long as Teigen and Legend welcome a healthy, happy child into the world this year. Oh, and so long as they take it on a trip to their favorite family getaway, Lake Como, and post their every move on Instagram. This way we can all live vicariously through this ridiculously cool and beautiful family.