She live tweeted the whole incident.

Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Greg Doherty / Contributor

Chrissy Teigen is not happy about her latest flight experience.

The model was four hours into a Tokyo-bound flight from Los Angeles when the plane was forced to turn around and go back to California because an “unauthorized” passenger was discovered on the flight.

“[A] flying first for me: 4 hours into an 11 hour flight and we are turning around because we have a passenger who isn’t supposed to be on this plane,” Teigen tweeted Tuesday night. “Why...why do we all gotta go back, I do not know.”

Teigen then live tweeted her experience on the flight, ANA 175, saying she had “[s]o many questions and I have no answers.”

Travel + Leisure reached out to ANA for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

In a statement to CBS, the airline said: “During the flight, the cabin crew became aware that one of the passengers boarded the incorrect flight and notified the pilot. As part of the airline's security procedure, the pilot in command decided to return to the originating airport, where the passenger was disembarked.”

The carrier added that it’s researching the situation to figure out how this happened and expressed its apologies to everyone inconvenienced.

But Teigen still took issue with how the situation was handled.

“Why did we all get punished for this one person’s mistake?” she wrote on Twitter. “Why not just land in Tokyo and send the other person back? How is this the better idea, you ask? We all have the same questions.”