By Stacey Leasca
December 11, 2018
Chrissy Teigen
Credit: GC Images

Chrissy Teigen is a true multi-hyphenate. The model-mom-author-professional traveler can do it all. And now, she may be combining all those skills into one mega-role with Delta Airlines.

On Monday, Teigen sent out a tweet reading, “I will never ever take flying first class for granted but this is atrocious.” With it, Teigen shared a photo of her in-flight menu that included avocado toast. But, that toast came with shrimp, tomatoes and capers all served on sourdough bread. And, as anyone with taste buds can tell you, those things simply do not belong together.

Teigen followed that tweet by clarifying, “plane shrimp are bad. Plane shrimp on avocado toast with capers??? dear god.” And, “this seems like a good time for me to share my dream of curating an airline menu.”

And really, she may be the perfect woman for the job. As a bestselling cookbook author and frequent flyer, Teigen would know best. Thankfully, Delta took notice. The airline quickly tweeted back at Teigen, “Would love to show you around our kitchen. Let’s chat,” to which she emphatically replied “OK!”

Teigen even threw out her first idea to the airline by tweeting, “Let’s do a super gooey biscoff brownie with cinnamon gelato and and and…”

With food like that, we’d stop packing our own meals. And, with Teigen’s help and Twitter popularity, maybe airline food will return to its delicious-looking heyday. At the very least, perhaps this will turn airline food from a potential health hazard to a mildly enjoyable experience.