Chris Pratt Shares His Best Camping Tips — and Mistakes to Learn From

"Just because you're 'roughing it' in the great outdoors, doesn't mean you have to leave all of your creature comforts at home," he said.

Chris Pratt in the woods
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Whether he's venturing into the Andromeda Galaxy in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' or to the dinosaur-filled "Isla Nublar" in 'Jurassic World,' actor Chris Pratt's true sense of adventure comes from off-screen in the time he's spent outdoors.

And even though there weren't times without mishaps or a learning experience, he started regularly hiking and camping at a young age near his home in Lake Stevens, Wash., in close vicinity to the Cascade Mountains with his family.

"My earliest memory of spending time in the great outdoors is when I was 3," Pratt recalled to Travel + Leisure. "My dad was working at a gold mine in Alaska. He and my mom brought the three kids out into the wilds of Alaska for the entire summer. We slept in makeshift cabins, explored, fished, sat around the campfire and ate, and laughed. It was incredible."

And although he has fond memories of campfires and being under the stars, some times are admittedly not so positive, like the time the 42-year-old drained his car battery unexpectedly while powering a much-needed space heater.

"I had to hitchhike back to town, which is difficult when you're dirty and you have a hatchet hanging off your belt," he told T+L. "Nobody wants to pick up that guy!"

Describing himself as an "ultra outdoorsy person," Pratt, has definitely got some tips and tricks for a successful time outdoors. And if the aforementioned experience has taught him anything, it's to be prepared — which is why he's teamed up with solar generator Jackery on its new portable Solar Generator 2000 Pro.

"I know green energy is always accessible without compromise, wherever I want to go, and all I need is the sun," he said of the device that powers up in 2.5 hours with sunlight to store 2,160 watt-hours and generate 2,200 watts AC power with eight power outlets.

"That's a lot. I can literally power up all of my devices at the same time," he added, calling the device "a game-changer."

With conveniences like this, he hopes to inspire others to immerse themselves in nature.

"Just because you're 'roughing it' in the great outdoors, doesn't mean you have to leave all of your creature comforts at home," he explained. "A durable and portable solar generator is great because you can power up gear and lighting, charge devices, cook with an electric stove, stream your favorite show — even if it's a tutorial about how to set up your tent — without having to compromise or deal with the noise and fumes of a gas-powered generator."

Jackery charger
Courtesy of Jackery

For Pratt, the extra power has even helped him upgrade his camping routine to include sound machines and waffle makers, he noted, encouraging others to also find the touches that make them feel at ease.

"A lot of people think camping needs to be something totally remote and uncomfortable unless you're a hardcore outdoors person — but in reality, anyone can live life to their outdoorsiest," the former 'Everwood' star said. "Especially in the last few years as people ventured outside when so many indoor spaces were closed, camping took on a new, more modern meaning, that's more about connecting with nature without sacrificing the things that make you comfortable and happy."

He advises first-time campers to start small, maybe just by setting up a tent next to a car, or perhaps by choosing an untraditional location, like his favorite — a farm.

"It's a wonderful, private experience," he said. "There's a lake there for fishing, and it's always nice to be around animals."

Pratt just welcomed his second child with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, and although it may be too soon to tell if their new addition will also love the outdoors, the actor has passed down the tradition of getting outside to his 9-year-old son, Jack.

"Teaching him how to fish has been one of the great joys of my life," Pratt said. "He's getting good!"

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