Former Governor, Chris Christie
Credit: Getty Images

Even former governors can’t outrun the TSA.

On Thursday morning, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie found out that there are certain privileges he no longer gets to enjoy now that he’s left office.

CBS New York reported that Christie was stopped from cutting past a security checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport after attempting to enter through a VIP special access area.

However, he’s just a civilian as of Tuesday, so he now has to enter through regular security like the rest of us.

According to the report, a Port Authority police officer and a Transportation Security Administration officer stopped Christie and the State Police protection detail traveling with him and redirected them to the regular screening line. Christie is said to have cooperated with the officers.

But Thursday night, Christie wrote on Twitter that the incident was “pure fiction” and that “NJSP security detail & I were led to one entrance in the airport by PAPD officer.” He also claimed he was not denied entrance by the TSA and Port Authority Police Department.

A Port Authority spokesperson, however, told CBS New York: “Port Authority says Christie showed up at Newark Airport today with NJ State PD detail. They tried to go into the special access area where they have been going for years. A PA cop told him he was no longer allowed to use that access and they escorted him to the regular area.”