'Chocolate Snowflakes' Fell From the Sky in Swiss Village After Malfunction at Lindt Factory

It was truly a chocolate miracle for the residents of Olten, Switzerland.

Rain and snow can certainly put a damper on your day — unless they’re made out of chocolate.

Residents of the town of Olten, Switzerland, located between Zurich and Basel, found their town lightly dusted in a fine cocoa powder that came from a nearby Lindt & Spruengli factory last week, according to the Associated Press (AP).

The Lindt & Spruengli company confirmed to AP that the powder was a result of a cooling ventilation system malfunction, which spewed “cocoa nibs” all over the town due to strong winds in the area at the time. The nibs are crushed cocoa beans that are the basis for making chocolate.

Aerial view of Olten, Switzerland
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While the cocoa powder isn’t quite the same as truffles raining down from the sky, the idea of chocolate in any form coating parts of your town like a fine tiramisu sounds like a dream come true (until you have to clean it, that is). AP reported that one car nearby was lightly dusted, and the company has offered to pay for any cleaning costs, “but hasn’t yet been taken up on the offer.”

Photos of the car and other sights that have been given a chocolatey coat have been shared by local news sources and social media.

People have been responding to the news with good humor, of course, because who doesn’t love the idea of living in a wonderland of chocolate snow?

“Chocolate snowflakes falling from the sky, dreams do come true,” said one Twitter user. Some commented on the idea of chocolate snow happening during such a tumultuous year, with one user tweeting, “Who had ‘chocolate snow’ in their 2020 bingo card?”

Others got creative, with one user rewriting the lyrics to “Candyman,” while some clearly have plans to move to the town as soon as possible. “Wow this is like a Hallmark movie. Clearly I need to move here if this is the kind of news you get,” said one user.

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) the problem with the ventilation system has been fixed, according to AP. Sadly, you probably won’t get a nice flurry of cocoa next time you travel to Switzerland.

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