pinghua farm china
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China is covered in fields of flowers, from peach blossoms to magnolias and lilac, every spring. And new drone footage shows just how magical the colorful blooms look.

As temperatures warm throughout China, the country is carpeted in fields of soft pink, white, red, and golden hues of cherry, apricot, azalea blossoms, and more. And the drone footage captured by the China Central Television shows how stunning the it looks.

Each of China's provinces offers a variety of spring flowers. For example, in late March, Huangling becomes covered in fields of gold from rapeseed flowers. The golden flowers provide a start contrast to the village’s black and white homes and surrounding mountain peaks.

In Southwest’s China’s Guizhou Province, thousands of cherry trees are already in bloom at the Pingba Farm. The province is also home to the Baili Azalea Scenic Spot, where you can see azaleas in all their glory.

china spring
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Azaleas are also found at Beijing's Yunmengshan National Forest Park and you’ll find at least 5,000 acres of red azalea to explore, according to city representatives. The city is also home to a range of flowers that bloom from late March through mid-May, including azaleas, lilac, and crabapple blossoms.

china cherry trees
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The Peach Blossom Festival at the Beijing Botanic Garden takes place from April to May and features varieties of peach blossoms, including mountain and flower peach.

Peonies are also popular in the country, and they bloom from mid-April to mid-May at the Luoyang National Peony Garden, which spans close to 30 city blocks and features more than 400 varieties of the flower.