That flight currently takes over 13 hours.

supersonic plane
Credit: R.Tsubin/Getty Images

A team of Chinese researchers has revealed a design for a hypersonic jet that they claim could transport passengers from China to New York in a "couple of hours."

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences discussed details of the four-winged I-plane in a paper published in the Physics, Mechanics, and Astronomy journal.

According to the researchers, the aircraft – called the I Plane – would be able to travel at five times the speed of sound at over 6,000 km/h, shaving the current transportation time from Beijing to New York from over 13 hours to as little as two.

Researchers said in the paper that they recently tested a layered-wings model in a wind tunnel, finding that it was able to hit speeds of 8,600 km/h without creating a high amount of oppositional force.

While the concept still remains in design stages, hypersonic travel is attracting growing interest for transporting passengers in record time.

Both Boeing and Lockheed Martin have announced plans and developments of hypersonic aircraft, while companies like Boom Technology, backed by Richard Branson, have also been experimenting with supersonic jets that could cut your air time by as much as half.

Branson's partner company says it will be able to transport passengers from New York to London in as little as 3.5 hours, making the trip 2.6 times faster than current flight times with a goal of starting commercial operations by 2023.