A variety of deals are available now.
Credit: Getty Images/Melodious Vision

For those looking to visit China’s capital of Beijing, that dream can now become a reality for less than $400.

Several flight deals are currently available from a variety of U.S. cities to Beijing for travel periods between January and April of 2018. Spotted by travel blog God Save the Points, the deals offer the chance to explore Beijing's ski slopes, hot springs, and popular festivals like the Disney-themed Bird’s Nest Ice and Snow Festival, at a fraction of the price.

Travelers heading to Beijing from Los Angeles can book a round-trip for as little as $380 round-trip, while flights from San Francisco currently start at $430 round-trip. Flights from Seattle start at $427 round-trip, flights from San Diego start at $453 round-trip, and flights from Chicago start at at $499 round-trip.

Meanwhile, East Coast travelers can find flights out of New York starting at $419 round-trip, and from Boston starting at $493 round-trip.

The deals are available on flights offered from United Airlines, American Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, according to searches on Google Flights and Momondo.

To make traveling easier, China will also now allow visitors to stay in Beijing and the neighboring Tianjin and Hebei provinces for up to six days without the need to obtain a visa, the South China Morning Post reported Wednesday. This way, travelers can enjoy the city without having to spend time and money completing visa applications.