Winds up to 60 mph were responsible.

Severe weather conditions led to an alarming moment on Sunday when a roof came collapsing down at China’s Nanchang Changbei International Airport.

Those who happened to be at the scene at Nanchang’s main airport on Sunday shared footage of the incident on social media, where travelers can be heard reacting in shock as the roof of the airport's Terminal 2 arrival hall can be seen shaking and heading straight to the ground.

The airport is located in China’s Jiangxi province, where severe weather conditions had produced winds that were hitting speeds greater than 67 miles per hour on Sunday, according to the South China Morning Post.

The high winds can be seen causing a domino effect on the roof as portions come collapsing down, one after the other.

A spokesperson from the airport told South China Morning Post that flights were suspended for a short time during the windy period before returning to normal operations on Monday, and thankfully no passengers were injured during the incident.

Cold weather conditions have been trickling across the globe as of late, with Rome seeing one of its highest amounts of snowfall in years, and storms brought flooding and frigid conditions across the U.S. over the weekend.