This year, Icelandair is playing Cupid by offering travelers Valentine’s Day fares for $349 round-trip to the Land of Fire and Ice.

The discounted trips to Iceland are valid for flights departing from Boston, New York City, and Baltimore (round-trip fares from Chicago start at $369).

While you can’t actually spend Valentine’s Day snuggling under the Northern Lights, or soaking in the Blue Lagoon, you can gift your significant other with a print out of your Icelandair booking confirmation.

Icelandair’s Valentine’s Day offer is valid for trips taken between March 25 and June 20 (Boston), April 9 and June 20 (New York City), May 28 and June 19 (Baltimore), and April 8 and June 19 (Chicago).

To take advantage of these discounted tickets, travelers must have reservations completed by midnight on Wednesday, February 14. It's also important to note that the quoted sale price is for Economy Light fares, which include carry-on bags but no checked luggage.

Of course, there’s nothing in the fine print that says you have to take a date. You can always treat yourself to a spectacular solo trip to Iceland instead.