Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee were hit with massive storms Monday.
tornado atlanta
Credit: Jim Reed/Getty Images

When aggressive storms ripped across the south this week, dozens of people found refuge in a nearby cave.

That's according Atlanta's CBS 46, which shared photos of a number of people in one of Georgia's numerous caves. The television station reported that more than 150 people hid out in the cave in Cave Spring, Georgia, as a tornado headed toward the town.

The small town Cave Spring sits near the Alabama-Georgia border, about 70 miles northwest of Atlanta. The town is named after its famous limestone cave, known for its stalagmites and "Devil's Stool" rock formation.

The photos, shared late Monday night, came as Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee saw massive storms, baseball-sized hail, powerful winds and conditions ripe for a tornado rip through the region. The storms significantly damaged homes and knocked out power for thousands of residents.

Residents in Alabama saw "significant damage" as a result of the storm, the state's governor Kay Ivey said in a statement Monday. Ivey said state resources would be used to help impacted areas. "Our first priority is ensuring our people are safe," Ivey said. "Please stay out of affected areas and let first responders do their job."