Carys Zeta Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones
Credit: Gotham/GC Images

Catherine Zeta-Jones is one lucky lady. Not only has she been blessed with an illustrious film career and beauty that defies time, but she also always seems to have her loving family by her side no matter where in the world she travels.

This week, the actress stepped out in New York City alongside her 14-year-old daughter, Carys Zeta Douglas. According to the Evening Standard, the mother-daughter duo were in New York to attend Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda couture event.

At the event, both Zeta women looked stunning in the designer’s outfits. Zeta-Jones wore a black corset with lace sleeves and a sheer black lace skirt. Meanwhile, her daughter opted for black trousers with an off-the-shoulder floral top.

In an Instagram video, Zeta-Jones shared, “Just arriving at the Dolce and Gabbana show with Carys. We are so excited.”

While this trip looked remarkably fashionable, it wasn’t the first time Zeta-Jones took one of her children to an incredible place.

In January, the actress and her husband Michael Douglas took their family, including Carys and her brother Dylan, on a tour of India, Cambodia, and Thailand.

While in India, the entire family was lucky enough to tour the Taj Mahal.

“At the Taj Mahal with the three other ‘Wonders of the World’ in my life,” Zeta-Jones wrote in an Instagram post.

Next, while in Cambodia, the entire family got together to see a truly special gift they donated to a local community.

“The best Christmas gift,” Zeta-Jones wrote on Instagram. “Today we went to see the well we donated to some families in Cambodia. Such a joy for us.”

Finally, while in Thailand the family showed off their sense of adventure while diving in the crystal-blue waters.

No word yet on where the family is jetting off to next, but odds are it will be somewhere amazing and you can bet they’ll be Instagramming about it.