A Cat Named Rowdy Spent 3 Weeks Traversing Boston's Logan Airport — and Is Now on Her Way Home 

The aptly-named cat was spotted several times around the airport, but no one was able to capture her until Wednesday.

Travelers at Logan International Airport (BOS) in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.,
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A cat named Rowdy, who spent three weeks evading capture at Boston's Logan Airport, has finally been apprehended and will be returned to her family.

In June, 4-year-old feline, Rowdy was onboard a Lufthansa flight home from Germany. While cargo loaders were unpacking the plane, Rowdy managed to escape from her crate to pursue some birds she spotted on the tarmac, according to The Associated Press. And so began Rowdy's three-week stakeout of the Boston airport.

The aptly-named cat was spotted several times around the airport, but no one was able to capture her until Wednesday.

"Whether out of fatigue or hunger we'll never know, but this morning she finally let herself be caught," Massport, the agency that operates the airport, said in a statement, the AP reported.

During the three-week hunt for Rowdy, airline staff and construction workers joined the efforts. The airport placed cameras and safe-release animal traps in the places where Rowdy had been spotted.

In order to help lure her to safety, airport staff were in constant communication with Rowdy's family. They figured out her favorite food and placed certain items that would be familiar in her path. Once she was captured in a safe-release trap on Wednesday morning, airport staff alerted Rowdy's family that they had finally caught their cat.

Patty Sahli, Rowdy's owner, joked with NBC Boston that her cat "inspects every box and every bag" and "would be great at airport security." When asked what she thought her cat was doing for three weeks at Logan Airport, Sahli said that she "probably put a dent on the mouse population at the airport."

The Animal Rescue League of Boston collected Rowdy at the airport Wednesday morning and performed health checks. The cat was reported as healthy but hungry. She is due to board a flight to Florida on Friday evening, where she will be reunited with her family.

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